• The first speakers and workshops are announced, and the tickets are now on sale. 50 early-birds. Get yours! http://t.co/7qLAUWrT74
  • California, here we come! SmashingConf is coming to Santa Monica, LA, in Apr 2015. We thought you might join in, too: http://t.co/lMa7rohhmV
  • 15 mins left. Oh my. http://t.co/GeBHUxKbH3 In the meantime: a good number of Sketch plugins. http://t.co/yt2fZPXkXu
  • Alright! SmashingConf LA 2015 is coming; tickets go live in 2.5h. We thought you’d join, too. http://t.co/GeBHUxKbH3 http://t.co/G6pONGGvgp
  • A free, sophisticated and good looking sans serif font: Alegreya Sans, for free download and use. http://t.co/sZ56aTFgTV
  • I would love to see more short, focused books like that out there, Pelican Books. https://t.co/7Tabzv1XcQ / via @vasilis
  • Proto.io Spaces, a lovely community to share your interactive prototypes: https://t.co/Knr6Rbh3UW by @protoio
  • @miguelgarcia7 Opera Mini, by any chance?
  • @miguelgarcia7 Depends on the phone, of course. What browser are you using?
  • A few solid mobile photography tips. Quite handy. https://t.co/SZSbSWKSiR / via @vpieters