• RT @stephenhay: From the Facebook app, you RECEIVE messages. To reply, you need to download the message app that needs every permission eve…
  • What a beautiful idea by @brendandawes: Kennedy app lets you capture a moment in time with the context around you. http://t.co/QQhzUd4BVk
  • RT @tkadlec: Today's award for "easiest decision to purchase" goes to The Mobile Web Handbook, by @ppk. http://t.co/pEz4L6awL1
  • RT @rachelandrew: Had a quick skim through this new book from @ppk on the technical side of the mobile web. Looks useful! http://t.co/cTMb7…
  • RT @ppk: The Mobile Web Handbook - done. http://t.co/qhoAVuOvWX E-book available right now; printed book late this month.
  • RT @khoi: Designer @sagishrieber: “How & why I moved to Sketch.” http://t.co/GaSeGOTLCZ
  • Page-Monitor is a little library for capturing DOM changes and showing the diffs, with PhantomJS. https://t.co/39TDdUDSsL
  • @MartinDoyleUK @smashingconf Well… ;-) http://t.co/SSSpFxosad
  • How to build a simple cross-browser offline to-do list with IndexedDB and WebSQL. http://t.co/3p085ju1O2 – written by @andrewsmatt
  • “We don’t have enough time for user research.” This is how you argue against this excuse: http://t.co/p9yn8L5rIV