• @jainamistry Thanks Jaina, we sincerely appreciate the kind feedback! :-)
  • So many things to consider when designing an icon in Adobe Fireworks. Today, let's build a... rocket! http://t.co/a89H15Krys by @cocorino
  • Handy. Techniques for suppressing the 300ms delay (w/ browser support), with an iOS8 update. http://t.co/LxaXz8yDzP (via @simevidas)
  • Contrast and similarity are clues to design elements — learn them well! http://t.co/1JofyWJ9Yn explained by @vangogh
  • RT @robertnyman: I really like the Selector preview in the latest Firefox Developer Tools! - https://t.co/VIK5hFvbGZ http://t.co/5PIbul9z37
  • A comprehensive path-finding library that can be easily incorporated into web games: PathFinding.js – http://t.co/ExImWyauAI
  • Very interesting insights into crafting better map interactions with SVG. http://t.co/IeXO6LJ8uw + http://t.co/jwO6szVF89
  • @3zzy interesting. And what's the markup, just regular anchors?..
  • RT @fold_left: Run ImageOptim, ImageAlpha & JPEGmini together on the command line http://t.co/GhLdXlFMc7 #webdev #webperf #programming #web…
  • @paulaslc The problem is that on iOS, jump links just don’t work. They don’t lead anywhere.