• @nhoizey Yes, of course.
  • @xavadu @smashingconf Please stay tuned — we should have more news soonish ;)
  • @xavadu @smashingconf Yes. ;-)
  • This is pretty amazing, “Apparently Transparent”. http://t.co/ASybNeKdPO — and just with a little bit of CSS and JavaScript.
  • @kReEsTaL Mmm, not sure if it's related to AdBlock at all, to be honest. But thanks for your kind support :-)
  • And yes, we are going to launch a shiny new responsive shop redesign shortly, in a few weeks. 2/2
  • Our server is currently experiencing some hiccups with the payments. If it doesn't work, please try again. Sorry for the hassle. 1/2
  • @paulolyslager Yes, it’s my mistake — probably the only thing I forgot to test. Sorry about that.
  • @jnblatz Something like that, Jen ;-)
  • @Houbsi Thanks Mike! You rock ;-)