• Is your responsive design working? Google Analytics will tell you: http://t.co/OSM6Fib3bW written by @jonarnes and @luca_passani
  • A nice little tutorial on getting started with Git and GitHub for front-end developers. http://t.co/1XjFnSvfD9
  • Responsive email templates by @jng5, Antwort. http://t.co/OW76L1cOz3
  • Email is this beautiful cockroach of a social network. — Gilad Fried (via @jng5) #fec14
  • What a lovely and simple responsive website: Van Gogh Museum. But some JS could be deferred. http://t.co/ZlakwIiY4L #rwd
  • @pepelsbey_ Oh it would be fantastic! I’ll be in Oslo at MakingWeb in Sept.
  • Oh my, *very* excited to run a fully revised RWD + Front-End + Perf workshop in Oslo, Norway on Sep 23: http://t.co/ae1cRZp6g3 Good times!
  • @komiska Do you have an article on this, too? :-) Perhaps on @smashingmag / cc: @smash_it_on
  • @komiska Sure, it would be my pleasure!
  • @aboutflo Alright, let’s do it! :-) #FEC14