• Love reviewing the clever tips and tricks from DevTools tips every now again. Useful tips every single time. http://t.co/pxdnkAE9EB
  • Content is at the heart of every website, but usually it's not available up front. So here's how to deal with it: http://t.co/5ufR4Z7FK5
  • RT @rikschennink: Given the choice between making something my problem, and making it the user’s problem, I’ll make it mine every time http…
  • @carimu Yay! Perhaps see you there? ;-)
  • @nhoizey Thanks for the feedback, Nicolas!
  • @RaelinaMarie Thanks Raelina, good point!
  • @travelfish Pretty much nothing. We’d probably show our printed books instead. Potentially we wouldn’t load the ads at all.
  • @treb0r Let’s see what we can do ;-)
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  • @allwpthemesnet Oh thank you, that’s very kind of you!