• The Principles Of HTML5 Game Design, for people who are designing HTML5 games. http://t.co/9MbUum2VFv, new on @smashingmag
  • RT @codepo8: zip-local: very simple zipping/uzipping of local files and directories in node.js https://t.co/JzOZK5Wgpm
  • A handy map generator by @amcharts that lets you create and export pixelated SVG maps: http://t.co/xMjIEAzofF
  • A very, very insightful network performance talk by @patrickhamann. Worth checking out. https://t.co/P0SKKz6BJ9
  • RT @pornelski: What if browsers instead of showing "Error: you're offline" displayed "This website doesn't support offline usage (yet?)"
  • A yet another reason not to display full-page app install banners: http://t.co/WP5GbhZAJt http://t.co/fPmSWt6kPl
  • An overview of handy Google Fonts web fonts, open sourced. https://t.co/7C0cdCpH6f
  • Right. Let's get to the bottom of this: prefetching, preloading, prebrowsing, and what they all mean. https://t.co/ZEats5x7Pw
  • @rlviser @smashingconf Yes, it’s accurate! :-) Please expect updates coming up soon ;-)
  • @jbutzer Thank you so much, Jörg! :-)