• @LukeFrake What exactly do you mean?
  • Wow, that escalated quickly. Our new eBook by our good friend @RianVDM — for a nickle today. http://t.co/Qd9xwBRIiy http://t.co/HGeyS6Pz4H
  • Not very fond of the title of the article, but a nice overview of some truly great type foundaries worth supporting. http://t.co/Rxx9lB9Y19
  • Tip: “To make script-inserted scripts execute in their insertion order, set .async=false on them.” https://t.co/Ak6CPnXJ6r (via @simevidas)
  • @nilsmielke Oh, it was a very hot day, I see :)
  • @nilsmielke Ah so that’s what you look like :-) Nice to see you, Nils :-)
  • [2/2] Online workshops: UX + Design Patterns: https://t.co/p5lFpfqYUw Front-End + Perf https://t.co/E2G4dTMo8o Thanks for the feedback!
  • [1/2] We're trying something new: online workshops! The first workshops on RWD, with clever techniques and design patterns with yours truly.
  • If you love CSS, you might findy a few nerdy gems in here. “3.14 things I didn’t know about CSS” talk by @mathias. https://t.co/75109vDEpA
  • A few very interesting points on how to get your first customers when you are unknown. http://t.co/4rq1VnBIni by @casjam