• The good, the bad and the great examples of web typography: http://t.co/PYCcNSG5nx
  • RT @vpieters: Re-sharing this nice collection of SVG loaders inspired by Google’s material design. http://t.co/QcYaTBLRoi http://t.co/D8xDp…
  • If you happen to be involved in Israeli, Turkish or Arabic web design community, please ping me: vitaly[@)http://t.co/EL7fMGHclx — Thanks.
  • This is why slowing down is so important, and so valuable. https://t.co/w9CEpBez7l
  • RT @espylaub: This is still my favorite venn diagram: http://t.co/rFsI2IWJ8z
  • Can you decouple HTML from CSS? Maybe. An oldie, but goodie: Decoupling HTML From CSS by @snookca on SmashingMag: http://t.co/IAeAMAbyhB
  • Feedback from an author: “I'm exhausted. Didn't think writing a chapter for a book would be this hard.” Sounds pretty good to me.
  • RT @mironcatalin: @SaraSoueidan @smashingmag @TimSeverien this was gave by a friend after deploying fixes for a lot of zindex bugs http://t…
  • Not only is Mobile media consumption on the rise, but it's the only form of media consumption that's not in decline. (via @ImpressiveWebs)
  • RT @cdixon: Guess what's going to happen 2015-2020... http://t.co/FwzUNBEND1