• RT @PaulAnnett: Today my eldest asked me if the Barclays logo is the Twitter bird's dad. http://t.co/qITcIcosUh
  • If you rely on user agent strings, perhaps this is why it's a good idea to rethink that approach. http://t.co/s3s3mvNeQY
  • A yet another color picker, simple and quite... colorful. http://t.co/hzYDAFVYdx
  • @RianVDM @EvenAlon Even, we need to fix this. Any comment on this?
  • Goodie time! (Lots of) free customizable icons for Android including Material design icons. https://t.co/rY6ipg55Db
  • Slow weekend ahead? Why not design a desktop wallpaper for December and share your artwork? One week left to join in: http://t.co/FK2rtgLuLO
  • This is probably the most sophisticated WordPress theme out there, now with over a dozen of new (free) extensions. http://t.co/XyTtfFqkiQ
  • A little helpful tool to visualize SASS color functions in real-time without compiling. http://t.co/r9sTe2QOJI
  • Why you should include your developer in the design process: http://t.co/NDdfmCzdv6
  • @IdealByDesign Happy reading, Joanna! :-)