• RT @ryanflorence: http://t.co/7QpKve8gOj "The AngularJS team does not owe me anything." I think every popular OSS has a responsibility to…
  • RT @iamFinch: If you have an app out there this is useful: I Found a Way to Interact with App Store Reviewers https://t.co/Qqdg39OiLZ
  • A nifty color palette generator. That's pretty much it, really. http://t.co/1WRfNPbXNQ
  • It’s the last day of the month. You know what that means. http://t.co/FSbbcQNic9 Just about time!
  • @TerryClark101 @smashingconf So do we! ;-)
  • @nealrosenblat Yay, we can’t wait to see you there! :-)
  • It's great to see those little nice details appearing more often in user interfaces. GIF animation: http://t.co/DKq6RBj4lJ
  • RT @zomigi: Really liked this talk on Etsy's product page redesign: Experiment Driven Product Redesigns http://t.co/K7ON0Q3w2B #ABtesting
  • RT @tabatkins: @SaraSoueidan We're killing SMIL because having two declarative animation systems is redundant, and CSS's is better used...
  • A very, very helpful DOM utility for reducing JavaScript bloat. Shoestring. http://t.co/w8mqo6qdBb