• RT @helloanselm: @smashingmag FYI it’s not Safari. It’s WebKit (different feature support).
  • Status of browser support for Safari is available, too. (via @Daan_) https://t.co/N2w972adux
  • Status of browser support: Firefox https://t.co/1u0EASyqj7 Edge https://t.co/maPiJSS88a Chrome https://t.co/B5TQfAmTG1 Safari As usual.
  • The Life of ¶: The History of the Paragraph. https://t.co/NOUYaiQkTa — A good piece on typography, worth reading.
  • We can learn a lot from our failures. “Lessons Learned After Shutting My Startup, Following A Six-Year Struggle” https://t.co/M0JSSyyWq4
  • RT @Mind0fDavid: Can you use the #svg viewBox as a camera? Of course, svg can do everything. https://t.co/M4UovdzWxc @greensock @CodePen
  • @CodepointsNet Fantastic! Please drop me an email at editor(at)our domain :-) @CodepointsNet Thanks!
  • @CodepointsNet What about publishing it as an article on SmashingMag?
  • RT @stshank: Alibaba's @UCWeb_Inc is #2 browser on smartphones, passing Safari; #3 on phones & tablets, per @statcountergs: https://t.co/ud…
  • @nhoizey It’s quite likely ;-)