• Beers? SmashingConf Freiburg 2014 is coming! Taking place in our lovely hometown, on September 15–16th. Speakers: http://t.co/YqeMlreoEL
  • If you've been working with Varnish Cache for a while now, here are a good couple of cache invalidation strategies: http://t.co/UaHdY2Q9KI
  • @rowefx Here you go! http://t.co/3VLCwnyR8f
  • @rowefx Oh… On it!
  • Pitfalls in Checkout Payment Method Design, a great article by @Baymard's Christian Holst and Jamie Appleseed . http://t.co/t2tRb6nnkN
  • Pretty cool. An extension that enables text selection on any image. Not an excuse to embed text into images though. http://t.co/pAZ0qQ2GTD
  • Freebie: A nifty color picker for designers and developers (Mac), by @marcedwards. http://t.co/1S66WPcoHv
  • @maddesigns Good point, not sure about position: sticky, Sven!
  • If you are in the UK tomorrow, please tweet me if you’d like a ticket to @industryconf — unfortunately I won’t be able to attend tomorrow.
  • RT @wilto: Ho-ly hell, that is a website. http://t.co/8bwhVDnn1a