• So we have a little piece on Material design coming up later today; if you published Material design icons or templates, do let us know!
  • Lessons learned: “Five Goofy Things Medium Did That Break Accessibility”. https://t.co/0ozxVW9bxY
  • We’re giving away a few bundle packs of the Streamline 2.0 icon set http://t.co/HYS6HLC5Oq, crafted by @webalys. Tweet us why you want it!
  • @nicholasdank Of course! Please drop me an email at editor*@*http://t.co/v5TIA21n19 and let’s see what we can do?
  • @kikitaRules But content is king already. It should be accessible. But aesthetics matters, too.
  • @iwilsonjr It is indeed, Ivan.
  • RT @lukew: Said another way... Every idea is derivative. Every execution is unique.
  • This. http://t.co/bUVcqHvV65
  • “Web design is dead.” http://t.co/ZhpX2AJOIW No, it isn't. Generic means dead. Less templates and trends, more storytelling and character.
  • @wilto @williamukoh The book will be shipped starting from July 15th. Please be patient!