• If you happen to be in Spain in summer, make sure to join MediterráneaJS in Barcelona. Good conference, good people. http://t.co/iNyzEGdVVH
  • It’s one thing to create a web app and quite another to create an accessible web app. http://t.co/y8OgAjOhy4 http://t.co/EZYzbs7FMD
  • @revoltpuppy Ah, too late, sorry! But we’d love to meet you tomorrow!
  • Your favorite, most intuitive and well-designed responsive websites. Go!
  • An interesting article on building consistent Living Design Systems across different platforms. https://t.co/HqK4vzc1vM
  • @SaraSoueidan @smashingconf Yes, it was pretty… unbelievable :-)
  • Freebie: an avatar sat, available as AI, PSD and PNG. http://t.co/ztxLN0nXw4
  • How do you capture researech? A primer by Lauren Chapman Ruiz. https://t.co/2FgbRZoSoX
  • So much new interesting design patterns and example for my responsive design workshop at @SmashingConf LA tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
  • Ah, interesting. A brief visual history of Proxima Nova, and how it evolved over time. https://t.co/TpFweIv2zw by @cameronmoll