• @Snugug Yes, let’s make it happen! Can you please DM me your email and let’s chat?
  • If you happen to be in New York City in December, please ping me — would love to meet, and perhaps organize a (free) meet-up?
  • Oh my! I'll be running a RWD + Front-End workshop on design patterns, UX and performance in NYC, US in December! https://t.co/hZkKo5qgJq
  • Looks interesting: lazySizes loads images, iframes, scripts asynchronously, incl srcset/<picture>. Have you tried it? http://t.co/VWC4W1nHCZ
  • That's quite useful if you really dislike the (humble) command line: Gemba lets you drag’n'drop files into Git. http://t.co/EEB0Q6aUOx
  • RT @zeldman: “What’s Cooking”: Thirteen takes on the typographic menu. http://t.co/eo0DidzmQT http://t.co/qxTmfYexoj
  • Do you actually use your browser bookmarks bar? Removed it a while back and find myself much more productive using Alfred for specific URLs.
  • One of those buzzwords you’ve probably heard before: Information architecture. http://t.co/dUddfgsT6U - Card sorting elaborated by @paj_one
  • @jonathanselwall Happy reading, Jonathan! :-)
  • RT @Malarkey: Safari preferences / Advanced / Show full website address