• If you use DevTools for debugging, here are a few clever techniques to use in Chrome. https://t.co/ZaLWvodElH, by @paul_irish
  • We're giving away 10 Anicons libraries (incl. licenses) designed by @sebasandclim. To win, tell us why you want one! http://t.co/C5R9770Dsw
  • RT @smashingconf: So, Oxford in March! Who's planning on joining us? :) Sign up for the latest news on tickets coming soon… http://t.co/wwj…
  • RT @chriscoyier: @Tevko @brad_frost srcset/sizes = information to help browser decide which best. Picture w media attrs = explicit DO THIS …
  • @rowdyrabouw @elisabethirg @smashingconf So cool (and smashing, if I may say so!) ;-) #smashingconf
  • Very useful. How browsers choose the best responsive image based on the srcset value. http://t.co/K79l9cxu7T (via @simevidas)
  • RT @zachleat: ★ Font Family Reunion—Compatibility tables for CSS font-family defaults. http://t.co/wIBJstPyiA Read more: http://t.co/LffbwR…
  • @dxcqcv @ppk Here you go: http://t.co/xl1rGAlEyz
  • @jacobfredsen Oh thank you so much, dear Jacob!
  • @csobol Oh, did I? :-) I don’t think we had a major issue. :-)