• Logolounge Trends Report on common logo design trends in 2014. Also known as 'things to avoid in your logo design’. http://t.co/WIjDErcDfD
  • What tools do you use to monitor front-end performance? Speedcurve? Perfmonkey? Any recommendations?
  • A very nice guide for designers jumping into Swift environment. http://t.co/Inptzrye8Y
  • So how would you create a responsive Groups & Schedules page for the Football World Cup? That's Here's what BBC did: http://t.co/LHf96FMhjE
  • @kdzwinel Oh I love SnappySnippet, Konrad — well done, Sir, thank you!
  • If you're planning a little weekend trip to an interesting, nerdy place, that’s a pretty good goldmine for you: http://t.co/4XvgN52Il7
  • Front-end architecture of large sites: CodePen http://t.co/OMjlDvFCnp GitHub http://t.co/4dlFQL8uw2 Lonely Planet http://t.co/CByup0WNnB
  • @montogeek It’s quite simple actually. We are using Nginx/WordPress, LESS, Grunt and load a few JS async. That’s pretty much it.
  • Front-end architecture of large sites: CodePen http://t.co/T6YovhFDxk GitHub http://t.co/TbHsgRriZr Lonely Planet http://t.co/3Q1YMSdGmS
  • @Psdhtml5r Here we go: https://t.co/p5lFpfqYUw https://t.co/E2G4dTMo8o